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Root Canals Near You

Root canals near you make many people nervous, but advancements in dental technology have made root canals a routine procedure. Our primary goal is to keep you relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure. Root canals are an excellent option for preserving your natural tooth after damage, while preventing further damage to your teeth and alleviating tooth pain and sensitivity.

What Causes a Root Infection?

If you have severe pain in your tooth, it might be the result of infected roots. Root infections usually result from a buildup of tooth decay or long-lasting gum disease, but they can also be the result of trauma to the mouth.Root canals in Ajax can often be prevented with a consistent at-home cleaning routine, including brushing and flossing and regular dental appointments.

What to Expect During a Root Canal Procedure?

A root canal procedure involves removing the infected nerve and root pulp, sealing off the tooth, and fitting a crown over the remaining natural tooth. The result of the procedure will be a functioning tooth without sensitivity to hot or cold. You’ll receive local anesthesia during the procedure so you can sit comfortably throughout the procedure and feel great afterward. Dental crowns are often custom-fitted to your mouth after a root canal and typically require a follow-up appointment to install.

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