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At Ajax Valley Dental , we provide a range of routine dental procedures that fit the lifestyles of our patients. When specialized care is required, we’ll consult with our partner experts to ensure quality care is provided for all cases. We work with qualified periodontists in ajax who can diagnose and treat gum disease and gum conditions, including periodontitis and gingivitis.

What do Periodontists do?

Periodontists are dentists that specialize in the maintenance, diagnosis, and treatment of the gums and bones in the mouth. Periodontists have extra education and training beyond general dentistry, allowing for their concentrated specialization. Periodontists will also consult on procedures involving the gums, such as the placement of dental implants.

When Do You Need Periodontic Care?

If you have moderate to severe gum disease like gingivitis, seeking the expertise of a periodontist is crucial. They offer precise diagnosis and effective treatment options. Additionally, periodontists assess eligibility for dental implants and their proper placement. If you’re considering dental implants and have gum disease or loss, visiting a periodontist is highly recommended for optimal outcomes. Find periodontics near you today!

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